Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, December 6, 2008

LOooong time no post

wel ive been lazy and busy..

anyway.. pics of sum hospitality

and pics of my recent dress ive nmade without sewing.. lol.. just experimenting.. with material.... i did nothign to the piece of material i got.. just tied wrapped.. etc. lol ... now.. pros and cons.. LOUISE!!!.. im asking for expert. opinion here.. lol ..btw the maniquinne i stole from school. lol..we were transporting it from our car.. her head and legs were outside the window. .looked like we killed someone. lol

BTW LOOK AT MY FIRST DAY OF HOLLIDAYS ON FACEBOOK!!!>> AND COMMMMMEEENNNTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hospitality food.. ive made..

stir fry with hokkein noodles

curry puff

spring rolls

The dress experiement

Intial designs im thinking of doing with the material

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

1st !

Well.. we had our first official hospitality practical lesson on friday.. and me and shane (as partners, received 9/10) for our fruit salad.. we came FIRST!!.. yay. lol.

Pics : of our final presentation..

Me and oliver also had the knox tatoo.. thing.. marching band thing.. okay?

anyway.. ive been depressed and down as u can see from my previous post this week.. and oliver has helped me fix this .. on friday.. . we left school at about 5pm and went to know.. we got there like at 6pm.. and me and oliver we talkign about stuff i cant tell u its private.. though its nothing like emotional or anything. . matts also been looking our for me this week as he knows that ive been depressed.. so im really happy hes caring for me.. anyway.. we rehersed our drill and other songs with the others bands.. goodness.. those knox people's skirts are hot.. lol. not..

anyway. we got back to school about 10.15pm.. long night back talking to oilver,,

then on saturday.. which was yesterday.. after sport .. had music lesson... ate some food.. then got bak to school at 4.45pm to get ready for our performance.. and we left about 5.15pm and got to knox about 6.30pm.. another long talk with oliver,,. laughed so much.. then we rehersed more.. before not long it started.. at like.. i forgot the time it started.. it was night though.. it was dark..

Classic quote at rehersals:

"And horns go SNAP!" -
goes the female drum major ( me and oliver as flute players thought over the border if u get what i mean.. haha)

me oliver talked more and more. . and we laughed.. i feel like we are best friends now. like BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLs. lol..

there were fireworks and damien leigh.. from aussie idol was there singing at knox.. didnt see his face though.. we were at the big stadium.. and near the end with all bands playing oliver and lots of peopl nearly tripped over.. we were like literaly centremetres away from each other.

on the way back at 10.30 .. me and oliver got even more high.. and hypo.. it was like we were drunk literally.. like seriously.. we laughed and laughed and laughed and went crazy.. singing nursury rhymes to sumthign really wrong.. trust me u dont want to know.

Oliver and my quotes of the day:

Oliver: Why are we so hot?

Me :Oliver where are you? I cant see you ( we were in the dark)
Oliver: I'm so hot i just blinded you!

Oliver: Lets work this bitch!

Oliver: Hi-5 bitch!
Me: Love ya bitch!

Oliver: Your my protégé!

There were lots of wrong ones i wish not to put here. but it would make you laugh so much u get abs..

hopefully i dont fall back to my depression...


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Year 11 Conference!

hey. it was awesome. well.. we were at collaroy centre.. like a walk away from the beach.. we all traveled to school and arrived at school at 2.15pm on sunday.. parents students everyone was there.. then we marked our names off and got on to i think 5 buses.. i was with murphy, latham(my house) and stevenson .. thank goodness i had william to talk to on the bus... we left and we got to collaroy centre .. cant remember time.. .. when we got there.. we got our luggage off.. and went into the main auditoriam hall.. listened to teachers.. etc..etc .. talk why we are here.. then got into our rooms. our house was split into 2 rooms. there was me, tim, zac, sherrie( thats his last name.. his real name is michael), james, justin and richard.. and there was the other room.. i was glad i was in that room.. i liked the people in it. ..then there was a guest speaker.. and told about his life story .. etc.. hes been locked up .. for stealing.. etc.. telling us we shouldnt do.. "there are never bad people, just bad decisions"

a few hours later.. we got back to our rooms.. stayed for a while and went to dinner.. dinner was.. something like mash potato. and sumthing. .. we then went and played mini olympics where there were lots of different games.. like throwing paper aeroplanes to see how many u can get it on a table through a distance.. puttputt.. u know the kinda games.. then we went back to our rooms about 10pm and talked .. some peopel had showers.. etc.. and we talked ate food.. and at 11pm it was lights out.. though we still talked.. oh.. btw zac actually came.. it was unexpeected as we thought he was coming back from egypt on 24th ocotober and he actaully came back on the actually day .. not much jet lag.. but he brought his egyptian robe thing... lol. forgot wat it was called..(found it.. its called gilabi) it was interesting to see.. hm. .. he chucked poses for phones.. i'll see if i can get one off someone. ...

the next day.. we woke up at 7.15 for breakfast and other people went for fishing, tennis or runs.. this was voluntary and only richard went,. he did tennis... we then went and went for breakfast.. after taht.. we went and did challange courses, listen to the head master, TESS (like ur jobs.. wat kinda person you are. .etc.. psycology stuff) and listened to our masters of the senior school. .. the challanges were the best.. first we did the wall. .. we had to get people over the wall.. it was like really high.. and we had to get each other over..there was a place up there that you can go inside.. and then go off .. ( i hope you get wat i mean). . we lifted eache other up.. etc... i climbed up the wall once. lol.. tim didnt go up as he had an injury on his leg.. ( btw the rest of my house members are joseph, thomas, james ( this is another james) ,haran, alex, jonno,.. i think thats it. .. zac basically couldve climbed the wall himself.. so tall and strong.. btw.. tim's strong too... the next challange was the maze.. we took turns in being blindfolded in pairs and we gave each other instructions to finish the maze.. was hard.. i was with haran. .. we then went and did the swing thing.. where we had to swing across with a rope to a blue mat that we all had to say on.. and in between was lava.. lol.. u know what i mean. that was fun. .. we then balanced on a log.. and that was fun.. and some of us rolled off.. lol.

then there was free time and i went to the beach with the majority with george.. it was okay.. sunny.. god.. girls you shoudl be there. to check out lol. there are actaully quite fit people in our year. lol. anyway.. i was basially the servant for george buying him coke. etc.. anyway it was okay.. didint do much

later that day.. we were to do a skit. .play ...sorta thing.. about an ethic issue.. we chose homosexuality .. mr bishop decided it was a good topic.. not many people would do it.... our story was .. there is a gay that comes out to his best freind.. at his house.. then next day the best freind tells all the other freinds and hes not accepted except for one freind.. then the gay is sad.. and goes home and tells his parents why hes been so depresseed.. at the end it was suppose to haf a scene for the gays best freinds .. where the best freind writes that hes actually a gay .. (known as closet gay).. officially i was the gay.. ( i wonder why,. lol.. ) and tim was the closet gay ( cuz hes really masculine and no one would expect it.. btw hes a blonde. lol just had to put that info in) we rehersed then we changed people.. so then finally i was the mother .. and richard( asian was the gay).. the skit was really dramatic.. and i made a really big scene as the mother.. etc.. everyone was like.. omg darren.. he gets the best acting prize. anway... yea.. that was the night..
that day i got to know a new kid.. from canberra hes a diver and hes sorta like our group. flamboyant. etc.. hes called ben.. we'll see how far he'll go in our group.. lets see if he'l become our freind.. will he be finally the new bitch recruit.. .lol.. hes not bitchy at all. .. i suupose hes german.. as hes got a german last name..

the next day,. which was today.. we did some activties.. like master minds.. bridge buildin and theatre sports.. it was fun.. came 3rd in theatre sports and 2nd in bridge building.. we then had lunch there and got back to school around 3pm

during the conference we had talks about leadership, relationships, caring for each other, understanding, things like that.. i thought the camp was goign to be crap.. but it ended up really good.. i really enjoyed it.. so today tim was cold.. so i lent him my sweater.. i felt really good about it.. somehow. .i hope our relationship was a house will grow

ive been really emotional since i got home.. i miss the company of my house group and it brought back memories.. ive been crying today.. back at home.. i know im wierd.. but please.. this is all private.. i just feel that i rember when we were all year 7s.. when tim richard , who were in my cabin were so young.. and now we are old. .. i dont want to get to year 12 and leave.. i'll be forgotten,, and may never see these people again.. and i really feel it.. and reunions.. i heard its like every 10 years... how many 10 years do i haf ? .. maybe 8 or 9 ? thats not many.. and then our lives would end.. its so short.

sob sob..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Out and about

So.. today. .. went to market city and went yumcha near there in the morning with mum.. where we met oliver at 11.15.. late again.. from his hair cut.. anyway. we then traveled to the sushi place.. i forgot. the name.. anyway.. was just searchin on the net.. cant find the name.. .so anyway.. some pics on what we ate.. there was more.. but didnt take photos. .. forgot.

went shopping all day,. nothing. .and i mean NOTHING.. i didnt buy anything. .. i dont feel so good.. though i know i dont haf to always buy.. anything.. me and oliver discussed sumthing lots of people would think sound gay. but who cares.. anyway. we talked who had a good body proportion.. whose legs are straight. toned.. etc.. ..these days .. im goign through a phase to want to help people look hotter.. cuz i wouldnt want to dress how i want to see others dress.. its funny.. u probaably not getting me at the moment.. anyway.. .. im still thinking zac can be a model.. duno why.. but my taste is good . lol. (self boasting) well u know the guy , tom . on make me a supermodel on channel 7.. use to be in my house at school.. and peersupport leader.. anyway.. . i thought hed be model material.. and now hes still in the running on the show.. just to prove my taste.. i just think that most guys wouldnt want someone to dress them.. though.. any opinions?
oliver thinks that matt looks wierd when hes up close and looks like a barbie.. intersting....

anyway.. im going to go..
did i mention is twas hot today?

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